Are your company's information exchange and communication effectively regulated internally and externally?

Information is the basis of every decision. Managers make good decisions for the success of the project and therefore for the company based on complete and accurate information. To do so, communication in the project and in the team must be precisely regulated, complete and structured.

Today we mostly use emails with the consequence that:

  • the creator can quickly and comfortably turn to a whole circle of recipients, everyone knows, no one feels really responsible
  • the creator of an email has his own absolution ("I have all informed")
  • we can work wonderfully asynchronously
  • the flood of emails is getting bigger and more confusing
  • a great chaos arises and really important information go down
  • This leads to inefficiency in the project and thus to the creation of unnecessary additional costs.

We have a solution and the resources for this problem. For example, transaction-oriented file names. DMS systems are already becoming a must. Structure and organization are the nuts and bolts!
In the cloud maybe?

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Can you imagine that the process between offer and invoicing in your company can be improved?

Many involved, thus many interfaces! And the way is long. ERP systems help, are they used properly and comprehensively in your company? Don´t you have too many software islands that sometimes have to be filled with the same thing? Questions about questions!
We believe that not even the individual software manufacturers know or overlook the possibilities of networking individual process clusters. The solution exists!

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