sales & costing
  • Do you have enough contacts?
  • Can you process enough proposals?
  • Is your tender estimation efficient and secure?
  • Who checks your contracts?
  • Who checks the technical feasibility?


project management
  • Is your programme continuously updated?
  • How do you ensure that your project is implemented to the required quality?
  • Is your budget properly monitored?
  • Are variations adequately documented and tracked in the course of the project?


process optimization
  • Is information exchange and communication effective and regulated in your company?
  • Can you imagine that the process between tender and invoice can be improved?
  • Are the project specifications communicated to all departments and then adhered to by them?








We make ideas visible...

Installation concepts for special constructions


Also available as augmented reality model

Try it and click on the following model with your smartphone or tablet ...

(Available for Android mobile devices supporting AR and Apple products starting from software release IOS12 and newer)

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Our company

Our company is a team of generalists and specialists of the most varied character and experience, offering our customers an integral approach to successful project management with the idea of digital solutions and the corresponding services. The Internet makes us independent of location and it gives us the opportunity to exchange data and information in real time. This will make us fast and efficient.


Our mission

In the environment of increasingly complex, legal and technical specifications to secure your project success. Our approach is modern IT - supported structures and processes.

Vision & goals

Our vision is to integrate new methods such as BIM or agile project management into the project sequence of façade construction. They thus become an integral part of the project's success.